June 24/25

Gubernsky Moscow Drama Theatre

"DIAMOND CUTS DIAMOND" based on the plays of  Alexander Ostrovsky

Director: Sergey Bezrukov




GUBERNSKY MOSCOW DRAMA THEATRE started its existence in 2013. The theatre was created by the merger of two regional theatres: Alexander Ostrovsky Moscow Regional Drama Theatre and Moscow Regional Chamber Theatre. Artistic director of the theatre is the People’s Artist of Russia Sergey Bezrukov.

Speaking about the art movement of a new theatre, Sergey Bezrukov remembers the famous Italian director Giorgio Strehler and his book "Theatre for people".

"It seems that the Strehler's slogan to build the theater for the people has become relevant like never before. We have learnt how to play the people, fell to the bottom
of life, pay attention to the marginal, being interested in human physiology more than in his soul. In the Gubernsky Theater we will be interested in life of an ordinary man. The ordinary things are not simple. Talking about this, we mean human experiences which integrate the rich and the poor man.  We are building the theater available for everyone".




SERGEY BEZRUKOV is the People’s Artist of Russia, laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation. Graduated from the Moscow Art Academic Theatre School Studio in 1994 (Oleg Tabakov’s course). At the same year Sergey was hired by the Tabakerka (the Theatre under direction of Oleg Tabakov), where he has been worked for 20 years. He made his cinema debut as the main character in "Nocturne for Drum and Motorcycle" in 1994. That time, Bezrukov has already played over than 40 different characters in cinema and television. In 2010 he founded non-repertory theatre – Sergey Bezrukov’s theatre. Since January, 2014 he has become an artistic director in Gubernsky Moscow Drama Theatre.




"Money makes the world go round. Characters are in the sets made of bank-bills, notes and obligations. They appear from nowhere and disappear into nowhere. In this circle from rich to poverty is one step. How the dowry's destiny will be determined and if love prevails big money? In pursuit of happiness the characters move around the endless circle, and sometimes do not notice that it's just running in place". Ekaterina Vasilenko, the 1st channel, 2013.


"The intrigue is held by the colorful characters: scalawag Telyaev, greedy lier Kuchumov and embittered careerist Glumov. The actors, having delicate feelings to Ostrovsky, are in harmony with themselves". Anna Chuzhkova, "Kultura".


"Diamond cuts diamond” is a nearly four-hour holiday with going to the audience, free champagne for the first rows, with shoots and live music. The play like
a monumental canvas full of small details and collected from scraps with love and passion". Julia Chechikova, TeatrAll.


"Spectators are safe from boredom, because the play is full of wonderful music and witty patters. But for Sergey Bezrukov in the role of director, the theatre still remains like a tribune from where you can say a lot to the public". Victoriya Peshkova, "Trud".