June 17

"Red Torch" Academic State Theatre (Novosibirsk)

"ONEGIN" by the novel of A. Pushkin "Eugene Onegin"

Director: Timothy Kulyabin




The theatre was founded in April 1920 in Odessa on the base of a private theatre studio, headed by Vladimir Tatishchev. "Red Torch" has been working as a mobile theatre for 11 years and in 1932 it became the first permanent theatre in Novosibirsk. The history of the theatre was related to the second stage of Mkhat. Tatishchev was working there for some time and adopted the rules of Mkhat in Novosibirsk. Vera Pedlikh was working there too as an actress and the director, later as the general manager of the "Red Torch" since 1940 till 1950. She made the theatre famous as "Sibirean MKhAT". In different years names of outstanding and the most famous actors were connected with the "Red Torch": Evgeny Matveev, Aleksey Glazyrin, Anatoliy Solonitsyn, Andrey Boltnev.

Today the theatre troupe is one of the best in the Russian Federation. The theatre is famous for its classic interpretations, underground plays, international projects and works with Moscow and St. Petersburg actors. For the last 10 years the plays by the "Red Torch" was shown in 20 cities of Russia and Europe, includes Munich, Berlin, Paris, Sophia, Moscow, St. Petersburg. Six of the theatre plays were nominated for the "Golden Mask" Award.

Since 2010 the theatre has taken the lead in realization of the "New-Siberian Transit" festival, showing the best plays of Siberia, Ural and the Far East. General Manager of the theatre is Alexander Kulyabin.




TIMOTHY KULYABIN graduated from Russian Drama Art Academy (O. Kudryashov's course) in 2007. His first performance was staged in Omsk State Academic Drama Theatre ("On the Nevsky Prospect") in 2006. Since 2007 he has been working as a theatre director of the "Red Torch". He was three times nominated on the "Golden Mask" Award with the play "Macbeth" by W. Shakespeare. Also in 2013 "Onegin" was five times nominated on the "Golden Mask" Award and only in 2014 it became a laureate of the festival. In 2010 in Novosibirsk he was awarded with the prize "Person of the Year" in the field of culture and art for active professional work and artistic contribution to the development of theatrical art of the city. In 2013 with the play "Electra" Timothy Kulyabin was awarded with the prize of "Moskovskij Komsomolets"
as a small scale production among young directors.




"The play on the main stage in a massive style was made with modern methods and people. Mainly very jolly and inventive, the play leaves at the end the existential feeling of horror, fear of death, and that the only possible escape from the obsessive and exhausting rhythm of everyday life. The play is about the force of time, which wipes out all the people and leaves nothing even the memory". Pavel Rudnev, "Teatr".


"The poet’s surname consists of sounds are easily pronounced by every person, every day. Who is in fault? – Pushkin. Who knows? – Pushkin. Sounds melt like a ring of a cigarette smoke and bursts like a soup bubbles… Timothy Kulyabin wants to select the frame of the poem "Eugene Onegin" which is always immortal and extremely modern, making all characters original. It means to challenge and prove the relevance of the play in our world". Irina Alpatova, "Peterburgsky teatralny zhurnal".